What's New!

Sunday August 12, 2018

The Absence List has been updated.

The Ratings have been updated.

The Current Events have been updated.

The Pyramid standing has been updated.

Wednesday August 01, 2018

The 2018 Jujy Club and Team archives are now available to download from the archives page.

Tuesday May 08, 2018
The New Members Page is updated from May 2018 to July 2018. The list is now available to download from the newmembers page
Monday March 19, 2018

Craig Brophy has assumed the role of Chairman on the Board of Directors and Alessandro Dotti Contra will remain on the Board but concentrate on changes and upgrades to the website.

Monday January 14, 2018

If anyone has an interest in having his/her game(s) annotated by one of our nigher rated members, then please write to the Directors at iecc-directors@yahoogroups.com. Any active member with a rating of 2000 and above is encouraged to offer his/her annotation. Bear in mind English is the official language of IECC. One of our members has volunteered to coordinate this effort.

Sunday October 01, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Danilo Mariani has accepted a position on the Board of Directors. This will be in addition to his current position as Senior Administrator.

Monday  July 10, 2017

The Board would like to inform all our members that there's been a small change in the One-Game/Thematics department: Aldo Maggiora will now be the Senior Director for One-Game events while Hans Winsemius will continue to be the Senior Director for Thematics events.

Monday July 03, 2017

The Board regrets that due to declining interest and long waiting times, both the Two-Game and Swiss events will no longer be available.

However, such games now in process will continue to completion under the administration of TD Aldo Maggiora for Two-Game and TD Joseph Wenger for Swiss.

TD Mary Anne Lynskey will remain as a TD for the Pyramid Challenge Ladder, however, and we thank her for the time she has devoted in the past for both Two-Game and Swiss.

Tuesday March 21, 2016
The Board is pleased to announce that Derek Williams has accepted the position of Senior Arbiter. Derek is one of the early members of IECC and has completed several hundred games with the club. At one time he also served as Senior Administrator in the Administration department.
Wednesday February 10, 2017

The beginning of the year has seen some changes in the Board of directors. Michael Kinna has stepped down from his role in the board, and we would like to thank him for the great contributions he offered as a director; he will continue to support the club in his role of Senior TD for the KO and Championship departments.

The board is also pleased to welcome back George Angus, which rejoined as director after a sabbathic spell.

Sunday January 08, 2017

After nearly two years in the role, Mike Crowley has stepped down as Senior TD of Pyramid Department.

The club would like to thank Mike for the efficiency and time he dovoted to run the Pyramid, and we wish him well for his future activities and projects.

We are also delighted to announce that Josè Luis Llorente Alvarez has accepted the position of Pyramid Senior TD as Mike's replacement. Thanking him for his enthusiasm and the dedication to the club, we wish him well in his new role.

Thursday December 15, 2016

The Board is sad to announce that, due to a lack of interest, the Team Trio events are currently suspended. We apologize with all the players who already signed for the event; we hope to restart the event in the near feature.

1-game and KO tournaments on line

The Club is happy to announce that KO tournaments and 1-game matches are now available as online events.

For 1-game matches members can nominate to play online, or can still play via email; players will only be paired with other players who want to use the same format.

However, KO is online only. We are about to issue the pairings for our first KO online event.

Note: "Online" games are not played "live" and the structure of the events remains unchanged. They are played the same way you would play an email game, however your moves are sent via an online game board and transmitted via the chess.com server, instead of via email.