Team Match IECC T26c Score Chart

IECC-26c vs ICCF-England-1 1997 Team Championship
Started Sept 1st, 1997; ended June 1st, 1998
4 boards; 1 game each; 10/40 cumulative speed

IECC defeats England 3.0 to 1.0; 0 games in play; no games were canceled
teambd IECC-26c                     ICCF-England-1              end date
T2613w Goodman, Conrad usa 2200 1/2 Barnsley, Tony ... eng 2440 10/04/97
T2623b Schutt, Ray ... usa 2200 1.0 Mukherjee, Ajoy .. eng 2420 05/01/98
T2633w Smithers, Steve usa 2200 1/2 Coleman, Peter ... eng 2200 10/19/97
T2643b Camper, Don ... usa 2200 1.0 Rawlings, Alan ... eng 2200 02/18/98
====================== === ==== === ================== === ====
T26 4 gms IECC-26c     avg 2200     ICCF-England-1     avg 2315

Notes to match:
teams are using different ( but comparative ) ratings.
teambds ending with w means IECC player has white.
teambds ending with b means IECC player has black.
Time controls ( ETL means exceeds time limit ):
10/40 speed means we play 10 moves within 40 used days.
Clocked time starts from date an incoming move is viewed 
to the date your outgoing reply is postmarked. Moves rcvd 
after 8 pm may be dated as having arrived the next day.
Unused days from 1st time control can be used in the 2nd, etc.
Playing less than 10 moves within 40 used days or using 
more than 40 days to play 10 moves are etl's ( oversteps ).
Using more than 30 days to answer any one move or getting 
two documented etl oversteps will result in game forfeiture.

_._ indicates game is in progress.
_*_ indicates cited lateness or overstep.
_#_ indicates board addition or replacement.
1.0 indicates player to the left won.
1/2 indicates game ended in a draw.
0.1 indicates player to the right won.
xxx indicates board was canceled.

Completed games in pgn format can be found on IECC's web site.
Team Captain: Steve Smithers
Arbiter: ICCF
Organizers: Steve Smithers & ICCF