Team Match IECC T119 Score Chart

Welcome to IECC Team Match 119 ... "IECC vs DESC 2014 Pyramid"   
Clocks officially start on August 1st, 2014 .. and stop on July 1st, 2015. 
Our thanks to DESC and Philippe Heyvaert for helping to organize this interesting 
tournament. Please read 119 PLAYING GUIDELINES for this team match so you completely 
understand the rules plus required format. All finished team games are published on 
IECC's website under Team Events. You can also view them by simply scrolling down the 
score chart below and click "underlined" game numbers that are in numerical sequence,
which makes the viewing very easy to use.

gamenmbrs ending in W means IECC plays white ... B means IECC plays black.
It is important to note that each club is using a different rating system.
This score chart was last updated by Rainer Tavenrath on April 2nd, 2015.

gamenumber bd IECC-119	         ntn rtng res MSV-06 Berlin	    end date 
T119136-1W 01 Jordaan, Wayne	 rsa 1879 0-1 Riess, Bernhard	   04/02/2015 view
T119136-2B 02 Tavenrath, Rainer	 ger 1666 0-1 Gebert-Vangeel, Ralf 11/19/2014 view
T119136-3W 03 Williams, Derek	 usa 1571 0-1 Ritz, Olaf	   11/20/2014 view
========== == =================	 === ====     ===================
IECC-1 scored 0.0 points and MSV-06 scored 3.0 points with 0 games in progress.

gamenumber bd IECC-119	         ntn rtng res EECC-PR	            end date 
T119137-1B 01 Heyvaert, Philippe bel 2129 1-0 Heinicke, Frieder	   09/22/2014 view
T119137-2W 02 Brophy, Craig	 usa 1920 1-0 Sprenger, Ralf	   09/28/2014 view
T119137-3B 03 Baker, Matt	 usa 1510 1/2 Reim, Axel	   09/14/2014 view
========== == ================== === ====     ===================
IECC-2 scored 2.5 points and EECC-PR scored 0.5 point with 0 games in progress.

Notes to match:

IECC Team Captain: Philippe Heyvaert ---
     TeamDirector: Conrad Goodman ------ conradchess@aolcom
     WebAssistant: Rainer Tavenrath ----
     GameReviewer: Mirko Djuric --------
     GameReviewer: Eduardo Mayer -------
DESC TouramentDir: Michael Müller-Töpler

07/13/2014: Rainer Tavenrath, on vacation 07/14/2014 - 08/26/2014

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