Correspondence / E-Mail Chess Sites

Chess By Message
Free mail chess through your web browser. An alternative to normal email chess.
Make moves using your web browser.
Full membership competitively priced.
Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA)
Deutscher E-Mail-Schachclub (German)
German language email chess also available in English.
Echecs Email
French language email chess also available in English.
Rated and non-rated server based chess via email.
Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
One of the oldest and one of the largest Internet chess servers.
Gambit Chess (SEMI)
Email chess with emphasis on gambit chess.
Friendly or competitive chess with optional premium membership.
International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF)
Federation of 65 national member organizations world-wide.
Lechenicher SchachServer Server
Server chess club.
Internet Chess Club (ICC) & World Chess Live
One of the oldest Internet chess servers. Paid Membership.
National Correspondence Chess Club (NATCOR)
Founded in England in 1932. Provides postal and email chess. Participates in BCC and ICCF tournaments.
Chess through a web based interface with optional email notification.
Scottish Correspondence Chess Association (SCCA)
Promotes correspondence chess in Scotland. A full national member of ICCF. Play by postal, email and web server.
Free mail chess through a web browser.
United States Chess Federation (USCF)
Governing body for chess in the United States of America.
University of Pittsburg Chess Club
Large collection of games in PGN format through year 2000.
World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Governing body of international chess competition currently with 158 member nations.

Miscellaneous Chess

Email Chess by Anthony's Apps
A free and modern email chess game that is mobile-friendly and does not require signup.
Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day
A new chess problem every day, an archive of chess problems, and a large database of downloadable PGN's of grand master games.
Chess Games Links
A very extensive collectionn of links to downloadable chessgames, compiled by Lars Balzer
Chess On The Web
A chess store and general chess portal.
Chess Mail by Tim Harding
Chess Mail was a chess magazine which ran through nine volumes from August 1996 to January 2006, edited by ICCF Senior International Master Tim Harding
Chess portal and shop
Chessdom is one of the newest chess sites on the Internet. Chessdom aims to enrich the understanding of chess and bring its popularity to a higher level.
This is a web site where you can upload and share your (preferably annotated) chess games.
A chess portal and web interface to the chess file archive at the University of Pittsburgh Chess Club.
A learn chess portal by the chess branch of Sport School No.3, Kharkov, offering chess software and free chess ebooks.
DGT, makers of the FIDE approved Digital Game Timer, develop electronic chess products.
IchessU is an international chess university. They provide full interactive live chess courses, online.
Improve Your Chess
A chess training site staffed by a number of Grandmasters and International Masters.
Kid Chess
Kid Chess teaches chess to Atlanta Area children in a fun and educational environment, on campus at various schools, with homeschool groups, other locations, and also at Chess Place, their modern facility in East Cobb County.
Problem Solving Competition
Over 100 chess and over 100 logic puzzles available.
The London Chess Centre
The London Chess Centre, incorporating an online shop and This Week In Chess (TWIC)
Chess Quotes
A unique site collecting and displaying chess quotes from as many sources as possible. Do you have any to contribute?
Chess Puzzles by GMs
Bill Harvey has brought together a huge collection of chess puzzles from Grandmasters, plus some other chess resources. On the home page is to be found a puzzle of the day - be prepared to scroll down..

Chess Stores

Note: IECC has no financial interest in any of the products advertised in the stores below but is pleased to provide links to them as they appear to offer quality chess products.

The London Chess Centre
The UK's Number One Chess Shop.
If you are shopping for a chess set, chess board, chess pieces, or anything chess, you have come to the right place. There is no larger selection of chess sets anywhere.
DGT Projects
The classical game of chess finally merged with 21st century computer and internet technology.
Email Chess and Chess Art
"One of the best chess websites." Chess Life
Made in Firenze
Buy online Tax Free Italfama and Benzoni chess sets, chess boards, chessmen, chess pieces and chess tables in onix, brass, marble, silver, gold, alabaster, wood and metal
The Best Chess Tables
The Internet's Premier Chess Table Store
Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.
Images of Chess
A unique collection of chess related images for sale, together with a compilation in the form of a calendar.