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Welcome to the IECC!

Thank you for your interest in the International E-mail Chess Club. Please note that as the name implies IECC is NOT a chess server.

Also, IECC is an email chess club for those who already know how to play chess and cannot provide such instruction. There are many websites, however, where this information is available.

Membership is absolutely free and available to everyone. However, IECC prohibits the use of ALIASES when applying for membership. Please use your own name.

IECC also prohibits the use of chess engines when playing games (Rule 7.1 IECC Guidelines.)

Until you have officially become a member of IECC please do not request any games since any such requests will be rejected by the Tournament Directors (TDs).

In order to help you join the IECC as quickly as possible please complete the form below.

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You should hear from our Membership department within a
few days and if not, please follow up with a second application.

SPECIAL NOTE: English is the official language of IECC as it is for some other international email chess clubs. While the IECC Guidelines are available in several languages, and efforts are made by Staff to effectively communicate with non-English speaking members as much as possible, Staff cannot be responsible for non-English speaking members misunderstanding email messages sent to them, nor are Staff obliged to translate messages written in any language but English. Therefore, it is the responsibility of non-English speaking members to ensure their email messages are clearly understood by Staff.