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Join our discussion group and chat with other members of the IECC about chess and chess-related topics. To join the list fill in your e-mail address below and click on the button or send a blank e-mail to - this list is for you so have fun! (IECC members only.)

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This list is for you to chat with other IECC members about chess. Below are a few guidelines to help keep the list flowing smoothly.

These guidelines will be sent to the list once a month just as a refresher for us all.


  • Discussions are to be kept to chess and chess-related topics.

  • The attachment feature is turned off so any attachments sent to the list are removed.

  • Flaming, insulting or rude behaviour of other members on the list will not be tolerated.

  • Do not send spam to the list. Spam includes: unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, multi-level/pyramid schemes or other forms of solicitation.

Abuse of the guidelines will result in removal from the list and possible loss of membership.

Let's all have fun, that's what this list is about!

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