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General Information

Class Events are single round robin events.

Class Events available: 5-player sections.

With the exception of Master Class winners, the winner or co-winner of a Class Event that has completed all games assigned in the event won will receive an award which may be used to enter:

a. A Class Event one rating class higher than the tournament won;


b. A Class Event one rating class above the applicant's rating at the time of request.

This award will be valid for one year after it has been issued.

        IECC Classes:

Master Class:   CL1   2200+
Expert Class:   CL2   2000-2199
Class A:        CL3   1800-1999
Class B:        CL4   1600-1799
Class C:        CL5   1400-1599
Class D:        CL6   1200-1399
Class E:        CL7   1010-1199


When a player forfeits a game in a Class event, all of this player's remaining games in that event will also be forfeited. This includes games that have not started. Please consider this when you apply for a Class Event.

To report the results of your match

The following form is for reporting the results of your chess match. The report is submitted by the winner, or in tha case of a draw, by the white player.

Please enter all the details, including the complete PGN record, which can be copied and pasted into the large text box.

The form is unable to send a copy to your opponent, so to observe the usual courtesy of sending them a copy, it is recommended that the response page that will appear in your browser window when you submit the form, is copied in its entirety, and pasted into an email message, and sent to your opponent.

Game Report For a Class Match

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